3M Command Hook Adhesive Strips 4 Printable Coupons

Remember when we all used to use sticky blue tack to hang pictures and posts up on the wall only to find them falling a month later and leaving blue marks on our walls. Those good ol’ days are over and have been since 3M invented that awesome super strength adhesive meant for hanging hooks and pictures on the wall. When you’re done, you just pull the tab and voila, no marks and the adhesive is off. I love 3m’s command strips and I know that I’ll be using this next set of 4 printable¬†coupons for the Command Adhesives and Hooks. The printable coupon information is below:

  • Save 50cents on Command hooks¬†
  • Save 50 cents on command picture hanging adhesives
  • Save 50 cents on command hooks again
  • Save 50 cents on picture hanging adhesives again

Click. Print. Save.